Juhtmete puhastus tangid (automaatsed) 0,2-6mm2

  • Mudel: T01775
  • Saadavus: 6
  • 13.50€

  • Hind ilma km-ta: 11.25€

Multi-functional self-adjusting wire stripper for the electrical and automotive enthusiast. Ideal for stripping. cutting and crimping wires.

Product Features:
High quality Cr12MoV steel jaws
Adjustable stripper length and power
Cuts and strips solid or standard copper and aluminium wire 0.2-6mm2 (10-24AWG)
Crimps insulated terminals: 22-10 AWG (0.5-6mm2)
Crimp non-insulated terminals: 12-10 AWG (4-6mm2) / 16-14 AWG (1.5-2.5mm2) / 22-18 AWG (4-6mm)
Crimp auto ignition terminals: 7-8mm
Ergonomic and comfortable grip made of PP+TPR