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Elektriline muruõhutaja, sambla eemaldaja.

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Elektriline muruõhutaja, sambla eemaldaja.
Aerator verticutter 2in1
Aerator verticutter thanks to two separate rollers allows you to perform aeration and scarifying separately,
which will allow you to work even more precisely in the care of the lawn.
Scarifying - is the process of cutting turf to remove old turf.
Cutting the lawn provides a better supply of air, water and nutrients.
This has a beneficial effect on the development of the plant root system.
Aeration - deep pricking the lawn with spikes aiming at loosening and aerating the soil.
Under the influence of aeration, the roots of the grass become stronger and the turf levels out.
This treatment significantly accelerates the regeneration of the lawn after the winter.
The device also helps to remove moss and weeds destroying their rooting.
Grass with a deeper root system is not destroyed.
Before aeration and scarification, cut the grass to a height of about 3 cm and remove the cut grass.
Technical data:
Mains voltage 230-240V
Frequency 50Hz
Working width 320mm
Basket volume 35 L Weight 9.3 kg