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Kahjustunud eelsüüteküünla eemaldus komplekt 8-10mm

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Kahjustunud eelsüüteküünla eemaldus komplekt 8-10mm

Designed to remove damaged or broken glow plugs from cylinder heads
Removes 8mm and 10mm glow plugs.
 Set includes all required adaptors for drilling, centring and pulling for the safe removal of glow plug.
With a storage case. 

The T-profile nut is placed on the center electrode .
  The electrode detached with a pistol . Right around! Remove the center electrode.
If the central electrode has not cut down on the breaking point , then unscrew and focuses electrode with part ( sleeve ) by unscrewing.
  Sleeve is placed on the middle electrode, fixed and unscrew the drill included.
Fit the handle drill , drill right . This drill sleeve coat slightly and apply a thick layer of grease ( fat )
Caution : low speed is pierce and remove impurities several times during the drilling process . The pierce to the end.
Threading drill cut a 1/4 inch thread length in layer 2 cm plug . Particularly important is that you subsequently remove impurities .
Threaded adapter piece revolves extraction and screw in the spark plug thread 1/4-inch plug.
Sleeve dessurubare arises as contra - support and dessurubeaza debris plugs with compression nut
Then plug Reta thread.
You apply a thick layer of grease on the drill bit screwed , so dirt does not fall into the combustion chamber of the engine.

Complete set includes:
1 x T-handle
2 x Glow plug: 7 x 0.22" & 9 x 0.22"
1 x Square socket: 0.38"
1 x Allen key: 0.12"
2 x Tube: Dia. 0.24"
3 x Tap (M10 x 1; M8 x 1; 1/4"-28UNF)
1 x Drill Installer
1 x Hex 0.47" spindle & hex 1.2" nut cone center tool
2 x Drill: Dia. 0.14"
2 x 1/4"-28 UNF hex: 0.35"
Supplied in a blow-molded case   Video on illustratiivne