Keevitus MMA 200 lcd 230v

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Keevitus MMA 200 lcd 230v
Product Features
Compact size
IGBT advanced inverter technology
Digital LCD Display
Welding Current Range 10 - 200 A
Welding with electrodes up to 4mm size
Automatic over-voltage and over-current protection
Suitable for welding stainless steel and iron cast
Ergonomic handle
Certificate CE
Technical Data
Nominal Supply Voltage: 230V / Single Phase
Nominal Supply Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Welding Current Range: 10 - 200 A
No-Load Voltage: 60 V
Duty Cycle: 60 %
Protection Class: IP21
Supported Electrodes: Rutile, Alkaline
Maximum Electrode Size: 4 mm
Cooling: Fan Cooled
Insulation Class: H
Package Contents:
MMA Electrode Holder with cable
Earth Clamp with cable
Welding mask
Welding brush & hammer