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Keevitus TIG 250hs 230v

  • Mudel: T80074
  • Saadavus: 1
  • 270.00€

  • Hind ilma km-ta: 225.00€

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Keevitus TIG 250hs 230v
Technical Data
Input Voltage: 230V, 50 Hz
No load voltage: 62V
Output Current Range: TIG DC 20-250A, MMA 20-250A
Duty Cycle: 100% - 194A / 60% - 250A
TIG Electrode diameter: 1,6 – 2,4mm
MMA Electrode diameter: 1 – 4 mm
Ignition: HF
Hot Start: yes
Anti Stick: yes
Arc Force: yes
Cooling device: fan
Welding Thickness: 0,5 - 10 mm
Insulation Class: F
Complies with: EN 60974-1
Certificates: CE
Protection Class: IP21S
Package Contents:
TIG Inverter
TIG Welding Torch with cable
MMA Electrode Holder with cable
Earth Clamp with cable