SONOFF RFR3 Wi-fi + RF DIY juhtmevaba nutilüliti


Max voolutugevus: 10 A

Pingevahemik:100~240 V AC 50/60 Hz

Võimsus: 2200 W

Töötemperatuur: 0oC ~ +40oC

Tööniiskus: 5%-90%RH

kanal: 1

Toote mõõdud: 91*43*25 mm (P*L*K)

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SONOFF RFR3 Wi-fi + RF DIY juhtmevaba nutilüliti


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Sonoff RFR3 WiFi Smart DIY Switch 433MHz
APP RF Control Light Controller Wireless Remote Control Module Work with Alexa Google Home Automation Kit
The ITEAD Sonoff Basic is one of the most iconic home automation actuators on the market.
Based on the System-on-a-chip ESP8266, it is part of the “Sonoff Smart Home” product line: in this review we are analyzing the third revision of this lucky component, the R3, which follows precisely the R1 and R2 versions . While little changed between the R1 and R2, in the Sonoff Basic R3 to change are various, and not secondary, technical aspects.
The component , for those who are already familiar with this type of actuator, is almost always the same: built in PC-ABS V0 plastic with flame retardant, it is presented as a unit with dimensions of 91x43x25 mm. and weighing just over 50 grams; it has a phase / neutral (no earth) input and output for voltages from 90 to 240 volts in alternating current (max 10 amperes).
On the back, a small control button (to open / close the switch as well as control the programming functions and more) and two LEDs (unlike the previous versions, which only had one) which indicate the status of the relay (open / closed) and the Wi-Fi connection status. The plastics are of even better quality than the previous versions, as well as the aesthetic aspect, finally a little more refined.

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