SONOFF T2EU3C Wi-Fi + RF puutetundlik seinalüliti


Max voolutugevus: 3 A (kokku) / 1 A (1 kanal)

Pingevahemik: 100~240 V AC 50/60 Hz

Võimsus: 720 W (kokku) / 240 W (1 kanal)

Töötemperatuur: 0oC ~ +40oC

Tööniiskus: 5%-90%RH

Värv: valge

Kanal: 3

Toote mõõdud: 86*86*35 mm (P*L*K)

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SONOFF T2EU3C Wi-Fi + RF puutetundlik seinalüliti


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SONOFF T2EU3C-TX Touch Wifi wall switch 3 buttons T2TX Series 3 Button Wifi Touch Wall Switch with EU Plug, Supports 433MHz Remote Control WiFi smart switches available in white. Also support 433MHz remote control for control. All switches can be remotely controlled via the telephone, and devices connected to the switches can operate independently. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which allow you to turn your devices on or off with a voice command, perfect for those who have to handle a lot of housework at the same time. It features sensitive touch buttons connected to simple and elegant switches to ensure a modern and pleasant decoration on any wall surface. A light touch for easier control. Set a time for devices and switches will help you turn them on or off automatically. Customize the smart scene for your home appliances, simply set an event to trigger a SONOFF device or groups of devices with a tap on your phone. The LAN control is designed to make sure they can function normally. Compatible with the IFTTT function, the switches can communicate with a variety of devices and services to enable or disable them. Sharing control offers a quick way to let you and your family control devices together. Just open the eWeLink app to check the status of the device in real time.